We help you gain insight to make smart decisions

The travel and hospitality industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

Choose a consulting partner with the insight and expertise to understand the direction of change and what’s required to win.

Improve performance in a fast-changing world

The need for better foresight, resilience and agility is greater than ever before.

PACE has the research capabilities, expertise and methodologies to increase your likelihood of success in this new normal.

Inspire management, enhance ambition and deliver greater success in a fast-changing world.

To help clients improve performance and develop a distinct competitive edge. 

Our deep industry knowledge encompasses brand development, marketing, commercial and the digital economy. We have industry experience across travel, hospitality and technology.

To succeed in an environment where disruption is greater and more dynamic, you must establish a distinctive basis for competition, design winning strategies to build strength and weather the unforeseen, and have the right insight to inform these decisions and investments.

What will you do differently? What will make your business most valuable to customers in the future? And how will you adapt to disruption?

What makes us different


Driven by an extensive depth and breadth of research capabilities and insights in the travel and hospitality sectors to better inform and focus investment and strategy decisions


Consultants who are industry specialists with international and functional experience working for leading companies, alongside proven successful track records in delivering strategic change with real impact


Proven methodologies honed and innovated over 10+ years and demonstrable results achieved for both the industry’s multi-brand global leaders, and the fastest growing disruptors

Achievements and scope



assignments with a high frequency of clients’ commissioning multiple assignments over several years



clients with the world’s leading brands and groups, high growth technology service providers, and major private equity companies



major markets

We are a travel and hospitality consulting partner who can

Earmark future success trends

provide research, trend analysis and prediction, benchmarking to outsmart the competition and build leadership

Achieve meaningful engagement

turning customers into fans and building greater staff empathy to maximise the opportunities presented by digital maturity

Accelerate improved performance and build competitive edge

identifying new routes to market, strategic product development and building winning teams to achieve stellar performance

Architect and deliver business transformation

change management, guiding mergers and acquisitions, harnessing digital disruption to accelerate growth, and optimising organisations to execute well and at speed

Latest Insights

women in a sprint race

Winning ways – lessons learnt by high performing hoteliers in a year of disruption


2020 will be the year that we all want to forget. Particularly for travel and hospitality businesses, which have been some of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a tumultuous period, with market forecasts unreliable, swinging like a pendulum with under estimating the level of recovery in Q3 2020, and over estimating future growth in Q4 2020 with further rises in Covid-19.

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high flying plane jet stream in a clear blue sky

PACE Dimensions launches new research arm


As PACE Dimensions relaunches, MD and founder Tim Davis shares how the company has grown, and what expanded services are now available to clients seeking a competitive edge in these turbulent times.

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seven European union flags

The Digital Markets Act: opportunities for the travel industry


The global travel industry is closely watching what the EU will implement in the Digital Markets Act, a new set of regulations applying to ‘big tech’ companies. The new Act has a remit to make businesses more responsible for the content on their platforms, and ensure fair competition against the largest global players.

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Working from home’s opportunities for the hotel sector: making new services and hotel marketing deliver for the long term


Since the start of the pandemic, professionals have had to adapt to a new norm: working from home. At the beginning, it was a lockdown necessity, and it has now become clear that many organisations won’t return to their offices until 2021 or beyond. Giants like Google have stated that they are in fact planning for a world in which many of their employees will never work from an office full-time.

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Our clients include many well-known names in the travel and hospitality industry.

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Our partners are industry-leading specialists who provide data and tracking tools that feed into our research programmes.

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