We specialise in turning market insight into competitive advantage. We can help you build, and successfully evolve, an exceptional business

As digital markets continue to rapidly change and grow, evolving your business responsibly is our top priority. We can prepare your people and business for success over competition, increase revenue and boost operational productivity.

With industry knowledge, powered by insightful research and practical analysis of market trends, we help our clients identify new prospects for growth and development.

Challenges we can help you with

Our advisory and research teams’ experience, knowledge and vision will support you through your toughest challenges and greatest opportunities.

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Positioning companies for success

We help define a basis on which to compete, turn ideas into reality and position businesses to be ready to face future challenges. This begins with research and analysis, including benchmarking internal capabilities and assessing external market opportunities in order to provide a clear vision from which to build upon. We set out goals, establish the metrics to measure results and ensure that milestones are achieved.

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Make brands more distinct and valuable

Developing an accurate understanding of your consumers empowers smarter decisions. Our research defines the qualities of a valuable brand, and helps establish the steps a business needs to take to meet these qualifiers. Through insights into emerging consumer needs and behaviours, and a clear view of the nature of the competition, our research provides the solid intelligence required to set out a successful plan for growth. We help prioritise investments, and identify how to phase and sequence delivery for greatest impact.

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Engage with customers effectively and turn into fans

Customer analysis and segmentation research helps to target and engage with customers across the customer journey. We support brands to truly personalise the customer experience, creating consistent omnichannel engagement and service delivery. Our work helps to identify where there are engagement, and even retailing opportunities, within effective CRM programmes and loyalty schemes.

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Build high growth businesses

Identifying new routes to market, and the opportunities and threats these investments bring, is key to creating compelling growth strategies. Our strategic product development helps to identify distinct areas that can be rapidly scaled, and ensures that digital capabilities have a framework for growth. We support businesses to build winning teams to deliver stellar performance.

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Increase chances of M&A success

Through extensive industry knowledge, market insight and research, we work with clients to formulate successful strategies for mergers and acquisitions. Our management consultants advise through the crucial stages of growth and change, carryout due diligence and identify the best targets to ensure M&A success.

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Improve commercial performance

Our management consultants are industry experts who understand challenges, and can help to find solutions to the commercial issues that hamper productivity, performance and profitability. We focus on optimising to improve efficiency and re-structuring resources for the best chances of success. From building new distribution strategies to improving productivity, we help to build high growth businesses maximising a client’s existing core strengths.

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Turning digital disruption into opportunity

Turn digital disruption into opportunity

The speed of change in digital disruption is accelerating, and customer expectations are too. Our expertise helps to harness digital disruption to take advantage of new prospects and accelerate growth. We help organisations to overcome common barriers to embracing digital maturity, including addressing mindset challenges and future-proofing technology investments to ensure they work for the tools and functionality of tomorrow.

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Transform operating model for agility

Unprecedented change has a whole new meaning. We work with businesses to build their resilience to manage huge disruption, and to plan for these events happening more frequently. Our research helps businesses develop greater foresight to anticipate possible challenges, and equips them to adapt faster as operating environments continue to be more and more dynamic.

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Advise boards and investors

We advise public boards and private investment firms on achieving growth, change management, and guide their mergers and acquisitions activity. We help investors to realise more from their commitments, and to recognise where future new opportunities may lie.

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“I continue to go back to PACE because not only do they provide the normal high quality talent, effective process, and outside in view point that many research and advisory companies provide, but they provide a deeper understanding of the hospitality industry.”

CCO – Hilton

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“We had to launch a new revenue management system for our Landal brand on short notice and PACE Dimensions were instrumental in getting us going and helping us implement the solution the right way on a short time schedule.”

Group CEO – Awaze Group

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“The research work of PACE Dimensions, particularly on the implications of rising digital maturity and its impact to Travel and Hospitality has revealed unique insights for our audience. We highly appreciate them as a partner and look forward to many more joint activities. “

Chief Editor – Hospitality Inside

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“PACE Dimensions’ research has been instrumental in supporting members of the hotel industry to better understand the growth of metasearch companies and how they are influencing booking patterns amongst consumers.”

CCO – Omni

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“PACE engaged with our investors and executive team to assist us in re-imagining the business and as a result really helped us reposition the proposition. It was a very practical exercise and they worked alongside us in implementing the changes throughout the organisation.”

General Partner – Battery Ventures

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“PACE has been a key advisor to Guestline over the past four years providing key market and strategic insight. Their depth of knowledge and advice has proved invaluable as we have expanded successfully into new markets and evolved our product lines.”

CEO – Guestline

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