In a complex trading environment, our research and advisory work will ensure your business sets new benchmarks for the competition, and faces tomorrow’s challenges with confidence


Industry, market, technology and investment research for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. PACE conducts both client-commissioned bespoke research, and delivers its own proprietary research programmes using tried and tested methodologies. We have built a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour, and the underlying factors driving these changes. We explore the changing patterns of demand and buying behaviour, industry dynamics and changes to the competitive environment, travel technology trends, the impact of rising digital maturity and sustainability and much more.

As well as reports, we publish trend tracking data and disruption monitors that add value to businesses and assess the market forces that should be on your watch-list. PACE has access to data and trends from industry-leading partners, that our consultants combine, analyse and model events and dependent factors to accurately benchmark and predict. 

We have a strong track record in producing custom assignments to sharpen business strategies, aid public and private investors in understanding their next challenge, and audit competitor activity and investment in specific business areas  

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As a leading travel and hospitality management consultancy, PACE Dimensions has the experience and insight to transform your business and position it for greater growth, profitability and success. 

The services we provide as part of our advisory division are:

  • Assessment and benchmarking
  • Strategy development
  • Business architecture design
  • Operating model design and change management

Our approach assesses current strengths, weaknesses and points of difference. We help our clients to realise new opportunities that increase the value of their business. This includes developing new strategies, and amplifying existing areas of excellence. We coach leadership teams, provide strategic roadmaps for achieving change, track performance to ensure that the potential of investments is realised and identify areas for development. 

We work with ambitious people and organisations, looking to accelerate their performance, identify new opportunities, increase their value, and achieve significant competitive edge. 

Our expert business consultants understand the risks, hurdles and complexities of a modern travel and hospitality business, and we know how to deliver despite these ever changing challenges.  

PACE Dimensions has the track record, experienced consultants and industry insight to be the right consultancy partner to achieve your business goals, set new market trends and positively embrace change.  

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Advisory programmes

Earmark future success trends

Provide research, trend analysis and prediction, benchmarking to outsmart the competition and build leadership

Achieve meaningful engagement

Turning customers into fans and building greater staff empathy to maximise the opportunities presented by digital maturity

Accelerate improved performance and build competitive edge

Identifying new routes to market, strategic product development and building winning teams to achieve stellar performance

Architect and deliver business transformation

Change management, guiding mergers and acquisitions, harnessing digital disruption to accelerate growth, and optimising organisations to execute well and at speed

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