PACE has conducted a comprehensive global study on market opportunities within the hospitality industry. The below download is a summary of our key findings. Available for sale is a comprehensive set of reports that can be purchased individually or together, plus a market simulator tool that allows us to run market scenarios and determine consumer choices readily. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Research

Global Sustainable Hospitality Trends

Sustainability considerations are a growing influence on customers’ hotel choices. This shift is set to significantly impact the performance of hospitality businesses yet it also unveils an untapped opportunity for competitive advantage. Those hotels that gain a deep understanding of customers’ sustainability values and priorities can use this trend to their benefit. Global Sustainable Hospitality Trends delivers this insight incorporating the views of leisure travellers, business travellers and corporate travel managers.

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The sustainable travel market’s true size, segments, and value as well as the factors that guests and buyers truly care about when choosing accommodation. Learn how to create compelling experiences that drive revenue, how your brand is perceived versus competitors on sustainable attributes and how to exploit your strengths. Our research highlights the factors that shape guest and customer behaviour beyond the product itself, exploring information, choices, trade-offs, incentives, offsetting and prompts.

Our research answers questions such as

  • What are the biggest markets and customer segments for sustainable travel?
  • To what extent do sustainable values influence customer choices?
  • What aspects of sustainability are customers willing to pay a premium for?
  • How do customers perceive your brand and its competitors?
  • How can you build confidence and trust with your customers?
  • How do you target and influence the most appealing customer segments?
  • How can you effectively influence customer choice and behaviour?

Research summary

As the first research of its kind, this comprehensive study provides an in-depth analysis of sustainability’s impact on business planning and development across operations and markets. The findings underscore the growing importance of integrating sustainable practices into the core strategies of organisations within the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors.

Research reports and simulator

Consumer Research (10 global markets):
  • 41% say sustainable travel important
  • 1 in 3 will pay more & check eco-credentials
  • Gen Y/Z most pro-sustainability
  • 6 segments: Eco Evangelists (18%), Good Intentions (20%), Constrained Believers (15%), Self-Centred (15%), Climate Sceptics (14%), Accidentally Green (18%)


B2B Customer Research:
  • Conducted Zoom interviews with travel procurement professionals, corporate travel managers and meeting planners in the USA, UK, and Germany


The Choice Simulator is a tool that models the impact of ESG factors on hotel booking decisions. It simulates real-world online bookings to determine how sustainability measures influence consumer choices across different segments and property types. The simulator allows companies to estimate the ROI of investments in ESG initiatives

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