• Understand the travel and hospitality technology sector’s landscape, structure, dynamics and behaviour 
  • Explore the competitive environment across sales, marketing, distribution, revenue management and more 
  • Assess the future of the industry, how it is likely to evolve and both the opportunities and threats being presented by future industry trends 

Purpose and benefits 

  • To identify the areas of growth that are worthy of investment 
  • Comprehensive overview of the sector’s market share, value and growth potential
  • Understand the nature of the competition, including the vulnerabilities of sector leaders, and their likely responses to disruption. 

What will you learn? 

  • Which sectors have the greatest potential to deliver growth and value 
  • Market dynamics, future trends and norms 
  • The travel and hospitality technology industry’s landscape, structure and dynamics  
  • The competitive environment 
  • Profiles of the leading players in the industry, and their positioning in the market 
  • Successful strategic approaches of the sector’s top performers, including their attitudes and aspirations 
  • The likely responses of technology players when faced with increasing competition, new products and new market entrants 
  • Vulnerabilities of the leading travel and hospitality technology businesses 
  • Opportunities to deliver enhanced performance and greater success 
  • How to develop a roadmap for leadership – what technology attributes and functionality need to be in place for the long term future 

Scope of research:  For all major sectors of the travel and hospitality technology industry across the sales, marketing and revenue management functions including CRM, reservations, guest technology, in-room facilities, housekeeping, procurement and more. 

  • Sectors with the greatest potential 
  • Opportunities for enhancing value and achieving growth
  • Market size and growth potential 
  • Market dynamics and future norms
  • The competitive environment
  • Industry landscape, structure and dynamics 
  • Company profiles of the largest and influential players 
  • Sector opportunities and threats 

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