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  • How the industry and market will evolve 
  • The changing nature and intensity of the competitive environment
  • Winning ways of the highest performing companies

Purpose and benefits

  • Understand where and how to position a company for future growth and leadership
  • Identify the best basis on which to compete, and how to develop a growing competitive moat
  • Prioritise investments and key areas of the business to focus on improving

What will you learn?

  • Biggest external factors to monitor and how they will shape the future industry and market
  • Opportunities and threats from technology innovation and the impact of rising digital maturity 
  • Changing patterns of demand and areas of future growth
  • Future market and industry norms, and how to best respond
  • Changes in competitors and how they behave
  • What strategies and capabilities are key for future success and what are the primary pitfalls to avoid

Scope of research:  For all major sectors of the travel and hospitality industry across the world’s largest markets and destinations

  • Macro trends and implications
  • Market and industry structure, growth and how it will evolve
  • Industry conduct and behaviour
  • Market needs and behaviour
  • Lessons learned from previous economic cycles and disruptions
  • Possible and probable growth scenarios
  • Patterns of demand over the next 3 – 5 years and how these are different for major economies
  • Impact of technology and rising digital maturity
  • Competitive environment and forces
  • Priorities, investments and operating models for the highest performing companies

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