• Recognise the important influence digital maturity has on successful business performance 
  • Truly understand areas of excellence and weakness in relation to the competition 
  • Plan future investments more accurately and receive the optimum return 

Purpose and benefits 

  • Deliver powerful management information and benchmark data 
  • Understand how your operating methods perform against the competition 
  • Qualify digital maturity status 
  • Track performance against industry averages 
  • Assess organisational readiness for change and investment
  • Understand areas of operation that are prime for enhancing to ensure your business remains one step ahead of the competition 

What will you learn? 

  • The digital capabilities and performance of different core functions such as marketing and distribution
  • Benchmark tracking of the overall business, and key departments, compared to key industry players 
  • How one organisation’s operating methods differ and stand-out
  • Gap analysis – services and functions that are behind industry averages 
  • What elements of your business model are empowering or limiting digital development 
  • How best to embrace digital innovation and ensure its impact can be truly felt 
  • Key factors to take into account and ensure that future investments are successful 

Scope of research:  For all major sectors of the travel and hospitality industry across the world’s largest markets and destinations

  • Audit of your organisation’s digital maturity 
  • Benchmark tracking against industry leaders and innovators, and sector averages 
  • Services and functions that are behind industry averages 
  • Business architecture changes needed to realise the potential of digital development 
  • Roadmap to deliver improvements 
  • Where business priorities should lie 
  • Areas of operation most poised for positive transformation 
  • Assessment of organisation readiness for true digital maturity 
  • Opportunities for improvement 
  • Threats and pitfalls 

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