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  • Maturity levels of core marketing and commercial business functions 
  • How and where technology innovation is changing this landscape 
  • Benchmarking against industry innovators and leaders 

Purpose and benefits 

  • A full view of how the travel and hospitality industry is innovating, or lagging behind, in different business functions 
  • Comprehensive performance benchmarking tool  
  • Opportunities to exploit and develop, and the expected business impact of these investments 
  • The practices of leaders and which strategies bring fast and meaningful change

What will you learn? 

  • Which business functions are the value drivers
  • How different commercial disciplines are evolving
  • The impact of technology innovation and digital disruption on key business functions
  • Implications to take into account from rising digital maturity – both from consumers and brands 
  • The areas of marketing and commercial divisions that require the most attention at different key stages of an economic cycle 
  • Changes in industry structure and market dynamics that are impacting the key challenges hospitality businesses need to tackle 
  • Future operating norms and how these new normals need to be addressed 
  • The potential benefits presented when exploiting opportunities across different business functions, at different stages of maturity 
  • The behaviours, characteristics and strategies of industry leaders and fast innovators, and how these operating models can be adapted and applied 

Scope of research:  For all major sectors of the travel and hospitality industry across sales, marketing and commercial functions including loyalty, distribution, retailing and merchandising, pricing and revenue and data analytics.  

  • Function maturity levels 
  • Performance benchmarking 
  • The impact of investment and development across different disciplines 
  • Market and industry dynamics  
  • Future trends 
  • Digital maturity impact and opportunities 
  • Knock-on effects of innovation  
  • How to prioritise areas for investment 
  • The pitfalls to avoid 

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