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  • Evaluate and benchmark your organisation’s brand value 
  • Identify opportunities for growth and their market power 
  • Assess the relevance of other brands to your business for more successful acquisitions 

Purpose and benefits

  • Understand the structure of the industry, its different segments and the size, outlook and market dynamics for each 
  • Assess and benchmark brand positioning and power 
  • Identify opportunities for improved positioning and growth, including highlighting those with the greatest brand and operating model fit 

What will you learn?

  • Market and industry structure and dynamics, including underlying conditions impacting performance and growth 
  • How the industry is affected by the conduct and influence of branding companies 
  • The varying sizes, market shares and growth outlooks of each of the industry’s different segments 
  • Benchmarked performance of operators against their brand positioning, power and strategic condition 
  • The business models, investments and cost structures of successful brands 
  • How to identify opportunities that improve brand positioning, and drive greater value for investors 

Scope of research:  For all major sectors of the travel and hospitality industry across the world’s largest markets 

  • Industry structural conditions 
  • Strategic grouping of existing brands, and their performance  
  • Market and industry structure, and its dynamics 
  • Conduct and behaviour of branding companies 
  • Analysis of brand positioning and power
  • The impact of different business models, investment and cost structures 
  • Opportunities for growth 
  • Opportunities for improving brand positioning 
  • Assessment of brand relevance, against industry benchmarks 
  • Brand value and power benchmarking

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