PACE Dimensions launches new research arm

As PACE Dimensions relaunches, MD and founder Tim Davis shares how the company has grown, and what expanded services are now available to clients seeking a competitive edge in these turbulent times.

After more than a decade since launching PACE Dimensions, I am proud to announce that we have expanded our research and advisory services to address new challenges facing the travel and hospitality industry as the speed of technology innovation and the Covid crisis creates a dynamic and less predictable world.

Running businesses in fast-changing and very unpredictable circumstances is now normal. I know that access to greater foresight is key to our clients to build resilience against what the future may hold, and traditionally many travel and hospitality businesses plan with too great a reliance on historical trend data. 2020 showed that past trends are not necessarily relevant to inform the future. Here at PACE Dimensions, we have evolved our advisory consultancy to ensure that the insight and services we offer take into account the dynamic shifts in market demand, consumer trends and world economies. 

We have invested significantly to add enhanced research capabilities that support companies in planning ahead for more frequent and intense disruption. Our new research programmes cover future growth scenarios and changing patterns of demand across major economies, how competitive forces will likely evolve and much more. We also  dissect the strategies of high performing companies and explore their winning ways for our clients to learn from. The research both supports our  insights-driven advisory services, and is available directly to clients through a subscription service. 

Our expanded research programmes empower businesses to prioritise the right investments and to be better informed when making the strategic decisions that matter. 

The new research programmes we now offer are: 

  • Industry and markets: A dive into how the macro and micro environment will shape the future industry and market norms, growth scenarios and the changing patterns of demand to help companies grow faster and build a competitive edge
  • Brand value: Comprehensive brand value benchmarking to determine brand power, identify opportunities for growth, and highlight where to enhance brand positioning
  • Business function maturity: A benchmarking assessment of the performance and maturity of marketing, commercial and technology functions within travel and hospitality businesses to identify gaps and opportunities for investment  
  • Technology sector dynamics: In-depth assessment of the travel and hospitality industry’s technology ecosystem and each of its main sectors, how each sector is performing and evolving, identifying the future winners and opportunities for value and growth 
  • Digital maturity:  Understand and benchmark the digital maturity across key dimensions of a business to help identify areas that will drive future performance  

Our enhanced advisory services include:

  • Assessment, benchmarking and investment prioritisation: internal assessment identifying strengths and weaknesses, and identifying and prioritising opportunities to improve performance and competitive edge
  • Strategy development: assisting management to develop winning strategies that will transform and build improved growth and enterprise value
  • Business architecture design: designing the optimal target blue print for processes and technology capabilities that will improve productivity, appeal to customers and differentiation with competitors 
  • Organisation readiness: improve execution discipline, innovation speed and impact of initiatives by creating a customer oriented and purpose led organisation
  • Change management: create the operating model and change necessary to improve the likelihood of strategy delivery success

In a complex trading environment, our research and advisory work will ensure your business sets new benchmarks for the competition and faces tomorrow’s challenges with confidence. We will continue to invest in new services and benefits for clients with more to be announced later in 2021. For more about the services we offer please visit what we do. 

To enquire about our research services, please contact us.

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