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Speed and specificity are essential to M&A success. By identifying the key value drivers we’ll help you select the best targets.

Formulating strategies for successful mergers and acquisitions demands both accurate market insight and industry expertise. Our senior partners have significant knowledge and expertise in travel and hospitality, industry investments and travel technology. We have the assets to help you succeed through the process of mergers and acquisitions.

Identifying the most promising opportunities

With access to the latest industry insights we’ll help you identify the best opportunities. Our industry research and expertise ensures you’ll always have the right information within reach.

Synchronise strategies

Your M&A strategy should be an extension of your existing business goals. We’ll help you develop a plan that takes your business in precisely the direction you want to go.

Develop your investment thesis

Specificity is essential to M&A success. By identifying the key value drivers we’ll aid short-listing, prioritisation and selection of targets. You want predictable performance; our proprietary methods will secure your outcomes.

Maximise Value

We can help you create a foundation platform to identify and maximise the value the acquirer can add to potential targets. This gives greater flexibility to set the price.

Validate targets

We’ll help you identify the most important questions to address and exercise due diligence. Our industry expertise and proprietary benchmark research will help you confirm the best targets.

Focus on the ‘big ticket’ items

Through integration planning we’ll ensure you focus on the few ‘big ticket’ items that drive the most value.

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