Areas of expertise

  • Deep understanding of the changes and implications for businesses in travel and hospitality
  • Aiding a better understanding of how the biggest macro environment changes can and will substantially impact customers, markets and industry dynamics
  • Our proven research methodologies:
    • Combining primary, secondary and investigatory research, alongside quantitative and qualitative analysis, insight development and data science and modelling
    • Omnibus studies on the industry and proprietary research customised for individual companies
    • Our own proprietary research, which we use to support our consulting services


The focus of our research is in 4 areas:

  • Changing patterns of market and customer demand 
    • To identify different scenarios companies should plan for and help them target the biggest sources of demand and highest value customers
  • Industry structure and dynamics 
    • And how these will evolve to understand how the competitive environment is constantly changing and the opportunities and threats this creates
  • Rising digital maturity 
    • And the opportunities this creates for companies to improve performance and competitive edge
  • Sustainability
    • And how the values and brand perceptions of consumers and customers are evolving

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