We can help you understand the competitive forces at play within the travel and hospitality industry.

The case for differentiation

Many companies don’t adequately differentiate themselves. They compare their business with competitive companies at different stages of development or with different business models. Because they are providing the same product or services they view these companies as direct competition. They often try to emulate those they perceive as leaders in order to improve performance. This creates a lot of ‘me too’ companies.

But when you analyse companies based on stage of development and business models the basis on which they compete is very different. And the opportunities open to them are distinct.

The research

This research illustrates the options available depending on your company’s stage of development, business model, and the market or industry sub-segment.

We can determine the reality of the competitive forces your business is exposed to and identify the ways in which your business can viably compete and build defensible barriers.

We can benchmark your business against your competitors to see where you stand – and how you could stand out.

Our research can also help travel technology and services business better understand their clients’ needs.

We can help you:

  • Understand the competitive forces at play in your market, and the means by which you can successfully compete
  • Internally assess strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for improvement
  • Measure current success and position within the market
  • Understand the positioning options for your own business and your competitors
  • Understand opportunities and threats in the immediate market
  • Prioritise resources and investment for best returns
  • Assess business value

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