CASE STUDY: Ensuring M&A success for a leading hotel chain

Action: PACE advised the management of the hotel chain on company strategy and M&A to build a world-leading group. PACE further constructed a commercial strategy for the growth of the foundation company, coupled with an M&A strategy to scale the company to a global lead.

PACE consultants conducted market and industry analysis to help identify future positioning for the hotel group that was distinctive and relevant to the customer markets.

Beyond this, PACE consultants examined factors likely to improve the likelihood of success and de-risk the M&A process.

Insight: PACE added value through industry insight and methodology. Although the hotel chain understood how to manage hotel brands they were not experienced in up scaling for global success. PACE outlined the necessary steps to make this happen.

Result: The conglomerate adopted PACE’s recommendations to take the hotel group private and then develop as a foundation company for further acquisitions. This included PACE’s recommendations on reengineering the company for growth, based on economies of scale and improved sales performance. PACE recommended repositioning the hotel chain with a more personal customer experience across the brand, based on a close understanding of core customer preference.

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