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Delivering the right kind of change requires planning, analysis and a detailed roadmap. It involves in-depth expertise and practical experience, together with proven methodology.

To date PACE has completed multiple significant projects across companies and brands where we have made a real difference and delivered lasting success.


Mergers and acquisitions Digital development Positioning for success Commercial performance Designing for growth

Improving marketing productivity

Brief The performance of a European hotel network followed rather than outshone the general market. PACE were asked to identify ways to increase revenue, margins and marketing productivity.
Assignment Type Commercial performance
Client Type European hotel network

Overcoming disruption in the corporate travel market

Brief A worldwide hotel brand comprising 500 hotels was in graceful decline, maintaining profitability and overall scale but with high churn. The runway was limited and position in market not sufficiently strong.
Assignment Type Designing for growth
Client Type International hotel brand

Extending B2B sales performance worldwide

Brief A hospitality B2B service was performing well in Europe and East Africa and entering the American market for the first time. They wanted to know how to adapt and succeed in this new market, as well as increasing sales performance in existing territories.
Assignment Type Commercial performance
Client Type B2B hospitality service

Pricing strategy: payment by performance

Brief A market-leading European hotel company with several brands was facing disruption from indirect digital competitors and struggling to make their proposition more attractive to hotel owners. The company wanted to grow their hotel network and increase income for investment in digital development.
Assignment Type Designing for growth
Client Type European hotel company

Positioning B2B services for digital success

Brief A global business providing up-selling and cross-selling solutions to hotel companies was facing disruption from digital competitors. They wanted to know how to extend the lifespan of their service-led business in a marketplace increasingly crowded with new entrants with automated solutions. The company was in need of repositioning for the digital world.
Assignment Type Digital development
Client Type Global B2B service

Ensuring M&A success for a leading hotel chain

Brief An industry conglomerate was looking to buy a hotel chain and determine how to create a world leading hotel group. PACE was tasked with providing a rationale for the company to buy-out the hotel chain and to recommend a strategy to create a leading hotel group.
Assignment Type Mergers and acquisitions
Client Type Industry conglomerate

Increasing direct sales

Brief A UK hotel chain was looking to significantly improve its enterprise value. It was facing declining direct distribution and rising indirect distribution was dramatically increasing their cost of sale and reducing profitability.
Assignment Type Positioning for success
Client Type UK hotel chain

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